A Quick Visit to D.C.

When I studied in France two years ago, I knew many great things would come from that experience. I knew I would improve my French-speaking abilities, learn about a new culture, and grow as an individual. Never did I expect to have a long-lasting friendship with my roommate, Carolyn! 

We have been in touch and have visited each other in the U.S. twice now! Carolyn just moved to Washington D.C. and I spent the weekend with her, catching up and sharing old stories about our time abroad. 

Visiting with Carolyn is always a good time! I’m looking forward to where our next reunion will take place! 

4 thoughts on “A Quick Visit to D.C.

    • How cool! I hope you had a wonderful time there! I loved the monuments at night, but the brunch scene in DC is lovely! What’s your favorite thing to do there?


      • The monuments at night was one of my favorites as well! We did brunch at Founding Farmers and LOVED it. I also loved The National Museum of African Art, the Library of Congress and The Archives. I was really moved seeing the Declaration of Independence, much more than I expected.

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      • I agree with you on all accounts! The Library of Congress was really cool! I saw the Declaration of Independence five years ago, but it was moving indeed!


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