The Luxurious Side of Thailand

While volunteering at an orphanage in Chiang Rai, Thailand this April and May, I lived in village-like conditions. With that said, I was able to travel during weekends because our foundation did not allow volunteers to stay in the grounds in order to clean, etc.

I visited downtown Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and Bangkok during my weekends off. Below are some of my favorite photos of my “vacay time,” which was full of affordable three-course meals, rooftop bars and pools, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences! 

2 thoughts on “The Luxurious Side of Thailand

  1. Your courage and willingness to leave your comfort zone provide constant inspiration to me, and I hope to one day attain those attributes myself. Kind, caring, and adventurous: you’re a gem! Love you to bits!

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    • Brandon!!!!!!! You’re making me tear up!!! There’s so many qualities you possess that I wish I had! Dedication, charisma, and work ethic are just a few of them! I love you to bits too, Brandon!


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