Bellavista, Santiago de Chile

Juan and I were only able to see a quick glimpse of Santiago, but Bellavista was our favorite barrio.

Before camping in the mountains, we headed to Bellavista – a hipster/artsy area of the big city – for a good meal. I heard that Como Agua Para Chocolate was highly recommended by locals, which is always better than the “typical touristy stuff.”

I can honestly say that this was the best meal I’ve ever had in South America (between Peru, Ecuador and Chile). The salmon had a delicious buttery sauce with the best sautéed vegetables… and the dessert spoke to me with it’s dark chocolate and raspberry sauces!

Bellavista is also recognized for its nightlife. We were exhausted since it was late when we arrived, but we did wonder around and view the unique street art.

The next morning we only had a limited time to enjoy Santiago, so we grabbed some quick breakfast and rode up to the top of the city.

We were camping in the Olmué area of Chile from May 10-13, but were able to see a little more of Santiago prior to our next flight on the 13th. Of course, we returned to Bellavista during the day to grab cappuccinos and a great seafood lunch!

As always, I wish I had more time in this one-of-a-kind place, but I know we’ll be back someday 🙂

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