February 2023 Progress & Gratitude

February, March and April were – and will continue to be – filled with new adventures, travel experience and growth. I can officially cross two more of my 2023 wishes as complete!

I’m still discovering a passion, but I’m making significant strides in healing. I wrote what I call “burn letters” early last month—which really helped me get my feelings out and heal. I wrote letters to friends who haven’t been there for me, Juan and people who have recently hurt me when I trusted them most.

Linley has been a big part of my healing progress. We’ve gone on some familiar trails, he’s been my buddy at work and we’re planning some new adventures together!

The cooking, reading, saying “no” and “yes” at the right times, setting boundaries, creating new adventures… it’s all happening and I’m setting the foundation so it continues to happen. I’m really excited about this—and it’s needed to happen for so long now.

I took myself on a date to the Viagra Boys concert in Detroit on February 23rd!
Reunited with KP in New Orleans for her birthday on February 24!
Had the most uplifting reading yet!

And as far as community goes, I have the best coworkers-turned-friends in my current job. I LOVE IT HERE! There are certainly some difficult days with clients or our partners, but I never expected to “belong” as much as I currently do (I felt like I had to change to “fit in” elsewhere). Don, Giacomo, Baylen, Justin… are all becoming close friends, and Catherine and Veronica already are! KP and I even saw Don and his girlfriend Jennifer in NOLA over the weekend, where the Viagra Boys tee shirts from Thursday evening made an appearance!

Things are difficult and turbulent and hard and beautiful and hopeful and bittersweet, but I’m slowly seeing the clouds parting. I’m seeing who my truest friends are – and were this entire time – and I’m feeling like the best is yet to come. 💛

Media taken January through February 26, 2023.

11 thoughts on “February 2023 Progress & Gratitude

  1. Loving this post! At the moment, I’m also trying to build new friendship with new friends after episodes of bad dramas with couple of friends that always trying to take me down… Reading this post of yours make me more motivated. And maybe it’s time for me to do those burn letters too.

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    • Hi Aisyah, thank you so much for your comment and for reading my post! It’s extremely difficult when you have arguments with friends who aren’t “growing with you” so to speak, and leaning on new friendships is important during those times. I’m learning it’s not how long you’ve known someone, but the quality of that friendship to-date. Believe it or not, my mom actually encouraged me to burn letters a few years ago, and it was super cathartic and freeing—so I figured I’d do it again! I wish you the best in your healing and I know good things are coming your way! 😀

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  2. I lived my entire life in New York, and called the state my home. When I turned 40, I realized that home is not merely a geographic location, a mundane abode in which one dwells. I purchased a retired dairy farm in Vermont, and discovered that home is indeed a sanctuary where one’s heart is anchored, and the soul finds solace.

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