NOLA Round II: Part I

I’ve only been to New Orleans twice, and boy was this last time the most fun I’ve had in a while!

I hadn’t seen one of my best friends since I left Chicago in September of last year, and it was great to spend the long weekend with KP. We both landed at the airport around 5:30 in the evening on Friday the 24th—which happened to be her birthday! Hugging her at the airport was one of the best gifts I could’ve received, even though it was her birthday. We got all our catching up out of the way during the taxi ride to our Airbnb, and fully immersed ourselves in the French Quarter as we drove past the spooky sights.

Our evening began with strolling through antique shops and art galleries, and a birthday toast on one of the terraces—hearing accordion music in the backdrop and people watching below. KP and I were in awe of all the sights and sounds around us, and loved that people in the French Quarter could be their true, authentic selves. We also enjoyed a great meal at the Vampire Cafe, where KP and I ordered drinks according to our blood type.

After our dinner and blood bags, we tried finding some good, local live music. We scoped out a few places until finding one that was really fun and had an upstairs balcony (coming from the stormy Midwest, we both wanted to feel the warm evening air!). Our goal was to continue enjoying the backdrop of the city and hear the sounds of Bourbon Street around us.

Once we found the perfect balcony to continue our celebration, we met four grad students from Ohio State who were actually in town for a “fish conference” (I believe it was called Aquaculture 2023 or something like that?). One of the guys named Pete was such a riot and was cracking us up the entire time! Their group left shortly afterward, but we exchanged numbers with Pete after tons of laughs and good conversation.

After Pete and his friends parted ways with us, a bachelor party asked if they could take their table. KP and I were going to hit another bar, but it’s a good thing we didn’t! When I’m drinking I’m even kinder and offered to buy the group a round of shots—to celebrate both the husband-to-be and KP’s birthday. I bought everyone a round of pickle back shots (big mistake, as I’d been drinking gin and tequila already!) but it was super fun nonetheless. The guys invited us to officially be part of their bachelor party (but KP and I like to say that we “crashed,” simply because it sounds more fun!) and continue the night at a strip club. I haven’t been to one since my college days, but when in Rome… plus the guys were trustworthy and it was the classiest strip club I’d ever been to. The patrons were well-behaved (rare), the place was extremely clean (rarer) and the women were not only beautiful—but truly treated with respect (rarest!). In classic drunk-Cate fashion, I bought everyone another round of shots and I stole a couple hats along the way. As far as thievery goes, KP was worse as she “found” some cash from another group of guys… I couldn’t believe it! But hey, at least part of our breakfast was paid for the next day. 😅

Made a new friend, Marcus! 😀

Photos taken Friday, February 24, 2023.

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