NOLA Round II: Part II

Saturday morning was a struggle for KP and me, but it was beyond worth it given the fun night we had on Bourbon Street. We napped, popped some Excedrin and moped our way to a breakfast joint with the kindest employees—making great use of the cash KP “found” the night before.

Our afternoon was well-spent strolling through the French Quarter, sharing profound thoughts about our recent relationships ending and reflecting on our vacation shenanigans thus far. We saw local artists, wandered into shops, pet some dogs along the way and soaked up the sun and scenery!

Don and Jennifer deserve an entire post, I swear! Don is a coworker-turned-friend of mine who is originally from New Jersey but visited New Orleans when he was 29, and never turned back (I honestly can’t see the man living anywhere else!). I met him in person for the first time at our company holiday party, but it was great to have more time with him on his turf. I loved spending time with him and his girlfriend, and I adore Jennifer as much as I adore Don! I didn’t think that would be possible.

We met up with them in the French Quarter around 5pm and started at this awesome outdoor bar called Sylvain’s, where we all had a round of Firing Squad cocktails. The four of us shared laughs about my Viagra Boys concert a few days prior (Don introduced me to the band actually!), classic New Orleans phrases like “making groceries” and had really fulfilling conversation about life in general. Friday was the wild, typical night on Bourbon Street but Saturday truly filled my heart with my dearest friends. There are so many one-liners I could write down, especially when Don and I rolled into a fancy wine and cheese spot with our Viagra Boys tee shirts (did I mention Don took his other shirt off in the middle of the bar to change into the one I’d bought him?!).

At the wine bar, KP did her best impression of a wine connoisseur, and from there the phrases could’ve been Don’s new band name or song lyrics! It was great that all four of us could talk together, but Jennifer and KP really hit it off, and Don and I were able to catch up one-on-one. I hadn’t laughed that much and hadn’t been that happy in such a long time—at least not since my day in the office with Giacomo or my time with Andy and Shawn in Atlanta. My heart was – and still is – full.

Don sporting the durag and talking all-things Wu Tang on the way back to his car was the perfect way to end the night. Don and Jennifer were beyond rad and they gave KP and me hope for true love one day. The most beautiful thing is that not only could Don truly be himself, but he was loved and celebrated by Jennifer for who he truly was at his core. As Don would say, “That’s pretty bitchin’!”

KP and I meandered through Bourbon Street after we parted ways with the best couple ever, headed to one of my favorite spots in the Quarter (Mahogany Jazz Hall) to indulge in some absinthe and bubbly, grabbed mediocre appetizers at this place that was way too upscale, and called it an earlier night. ☺️

Photos taken Saturday, February 25, 2023.

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