Falling for Philly… & Lily!

Since October, I’ve been on an adventure to not only rediscover myself—but find home. I’ve always had a since of home within myself, but it’s time to find that physical place where I feel that sense of community and support that I’ve been longing for since childhood.

I took myself to a comedy show and Larkin Poe concert in Philly last week, and felt nuances of Chicago, Boston, Toronto and other places that once made me feel deeply comforted. I got in late on Wednesday, March 8 and was welcomed by the friendliest Lyft driver I’d had in a long time. We talked about all things Philly, and reassured me that I was scoping out a great city to potentially call home.

Thursday, March 9 was full of work from my Airbnb but I explored Rittenhouse Square and Center City as I was on the hunt for some good sushi prior to seeing Greg Fitzsimmons at Helium Comedy Club. Not only were the rolls and laughs much-needed, but strolling through the city lights and riding the subway again made one thing abundantly clear: I need to be in a larger city again.

Friday was rainy but I had more breaks throughout the day, and was able to take myself on some great walks. I meandered through Old City (which is a contender for where I’ll be heading next!) where I saw Ben Franklin’s grave sight and the Betsy Ross house. Old City had a funky-yet-old school vibe, seemed super dog friendly and was extremely walkable—all things I’m looking for in my next home.

I also loved exploring Washington Square West and Gayborhood in the rain. I felt like I was in Boystown Chicago and downtown Boston at the same time. Everyone was really friendly, yet minded their own business… it was refreshing for a larger city. I’d love to live in a row home in a big city one day. 🥲

The main event (in Philly that is!) was seeing Larkin Poe live. Larkin Poe is a badass sister duo who really helped me fight for my marriage, and subsequently cope with my divorce. Some of their music even helped me put my feelings of moving to and back from Chicago into words I couldn’t – and still can’t – accurately articulate. I highly recommend ‘em if you’re in need of some soulful, kick-ass songs. Seeing Larkin Poe by myself might sound odd to some, but 1) I’ve always loved taking myself on dates, 2) I don’t give a shit what people think of me 😅 and 3) it was cathartic to feel that music around me by myself, because it was a journey I took on my own.

Bolt Cutters & The Family Name – Fighting for what you believe in, no matter the circumstances.

Georgia Off My Mind – Hoping that moving will give you clarity; reminiscing of what you miss and what brought you pain.

Self-Made Man – Being a bad bitch and doing it on your own!

Wanted Woman – Same as Self-Made Man, but also about those who didn’t want you back.

All in all, I believe Philly could be my next home, and I’m grateful that Rebecca and Megan brought me here. ❤️

On Saturday, March 11, I took a train to DC to visit my best friend, her husband and baby girl! Lily was born three and a half months ago, and I’m serious when I say I wanted to steal her! Haha Lily is the happiest, most well-behaved baby I’ve ever held. What a cutie!

Carolyn and I have been best friends since we roomed together in France nine years ago, and seeing her as a mom (well, a human mom; she’s already a badass fur mom!) brings happy tears to my eyes. I f’ing love Carolyn, Ryan, Lily, their families and fur babies more than I can put into words. I’ve been able to share in their milestones: I was one of the first people to know about their engagement, I was the maid of honor in the wedding, I’ve been part of their bridal and baby showers, and was the first of Carolyn’s friends to find out about their pregnancy. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. This is yet another reason why being only two hours away from them would mean so much to me.

We took it easy in DC; We hit up some nice cafes, watched a lot of Ink Master and Inked on YouTube, and laughed a shit ton. Before I knew it, I had to hit the airport and never wanted to leave.

There’s no disputing that quality time will always be my love language—even when I’m taking myself on fun dates!

Photos taken Thursday, March 9 through Sunday, March 12, 2023.

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