March 2023 Progress & Gratitude

March felt like a month of setbacks, irritability and challenges. But when I reflect on the good moments, I still made progress and have so much to be thankful for. Sure, I felt – and still feel – easily annoyed at times, but I’m continuing to work through hardship, set and adhere to my boundaries, and am grateful for the adventures that March brought me. I’ve been keeping up with reading, am learning to play the harmonica, am getting new ink and am creating more space for positive friendships and opportunities. ❤️

MSU vs. OSU basketball game with dad!
Meeting baby Lily in D.C.!
Treating my parents to a lovely dinner and show at Cliff Bell’s jazz club in Detroit!
Learning Black Betty on the harmonica
Getting matching tattoos with my Little Sister of nearly nine years!
Happy hour with the work ladies!
Brought Lin into the office again!
More outdoor time with my best bud
“Pupdates” from mom while I’m away

Photos taken March 2023.

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