Distance in either proximity or time or love

Challenging in a myriad of ways:

-Physical distance between those I’m closest to

-No longer close to people I thought were my “forever”

-And two hearts growing apart by the day

I’m left wondering if we’ll ever be close again

(And by “we’ll” I mean more than one person)

Because we used to be two hearts in tandem

Understanding each other even when we disagreed

And now all I feel is greed for us to be and have what we once were and did have together

In life we dwell on one harsh thing instead of the nine positive things that happened before

The struggle to push through and think of the friendships and close family relationships that do exist is real today

And has felt real for a while now

I love you even if we’re far apart

I love you even if we aren’t what we were before

And I love you even if you don’t love me the same anymore

I hope we can have what we once did

And be what we once were

And see each other more again

But until then I need to focus on what – and who – is right in front of me.

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