All that jazz

I had one of the best weekend I’ve had in Michigan in a very long time! Following my last post, I’m actively working on cherishing the friends in front of me instead of feeling pain from past relationships. Two of my closest friends made my weekend in two of my favorite Michigan cities so special.

On Saturday, Emily and I visited some cool spots in Detroit: Two James distillery, a bar across the street and Cliff Bells jazz club. We laughed, vented about work and had deep conversation about life, love and relationships. It’s fulfilling to have such a mature, “adult”-like friendship with someone you can laugh the night away with at the same time! I look forward to making more memories with Emily.

“You are what you drink” haha!

Yesterday was a lovely Mother’s Day—although it was different than it has been in the past. I drove from Emily’s to see my friend Crystal, who lives in Grand Rapids (on the west side of Michigan). We had a lovely afternoon strolling through the botanical garden, admiring all the flowers and poking fun at some of the more obscure sculptures.

Crystal and I admired the Amway hotel and ate at a southern restaurant before we parted ways. 💛

Media taken May 13 and 14, 2023

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