Why I Left Social Media (Part I)

Those of you who know me outside of WordPress know that I LOVED Instagram! It was my favorite social media platform and it’s the only one that had remained with me (I’ve kissed Facebook and Snapchat goodbye years ago)! With that said, however, there are loads of issues I encountered with Instagram.

Despite the fact that traveling is and always will be a huge part of my life, it isn’t for a lot of my Instagram friends (who are also my friends in life – I only added people I knew). In fact, one of my best friends on this earth has never been on a plane! That’s the beauty of my closest friends: we are so different yet so similar. Instead of sharing about myself, I want to hear about my friends and their successes (their schooling, careers, relationships, etc.).

In a roundabout way, I’m trying to say this: this blog is a community where we all love traveling. We can all share our experiences without envy, without bragging… it’s storytelling and an exchange of memories. Instagram has become a bragging mechanism, which will I expand on in part two, and I don’t want any part of it!

I want to leave travel stories here, not Instagram. And if my best friends ask about my travels, I can share photos and stories in person as opposed to social media (and vice versa).

One positive thing about Instagram is that it made me love WordPress even more! It’s true. I love chatting with bloggers from all over the world, sharing travel adventures, hearing about others’ goals and what we’ve overcome. I absolutely love my blog and it’s definitely here to stay 🙂

Throughout this post, I included some of my favorite photos from my now-deactivated Instagram account. I hope you enjoy; thank you for reading!

12 thoughts on “Why I Left Social Media (Part I)

  1. Love all of your travel photos and stories that you post here on your blog and understand where you are coming from. I share photos on Instagram, Twitter, etc. on my accounts that are related to my travel blog, but not nearly at the rate I used too. I’m trying to be more informative and helpful, versus trying to impress. I look forward to seeing Part II, cheers!

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    • Thank you so much, Aaron! This really means a lot coming from you! I have been following your blog for a while now and I can easily say the same about your posts and photos as well. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment – I enjoy and agree with your perspective! Have a good evening 😊

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  2. Your photos are so beautiful. I’m not a fan of the social media, I only use WordPress and last year I started using Instagram I don’t put anything personal in it, it is just dedicated to books and give me chance to connect with the other bibliophile around the world

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