Weekend in Washington (Part II)

Once again, I’ve allowed too much time to pass between posting about my Seattle trip. I really need to carve out some time each week to write and reflect on my travels…

Friday, March 26: Downtown Kirkland

Kirkland, a college town near Seattle, is a must if you want that happy-medium of calmness and the hustle and bustle of downtown. Bethany, her dad and I had quite a hectic Thursday – filled with trying to find food and navigate through an unexpectedly busy crowd, and hiking several miles prior to – so we needed a relaxing afternoon and evening in a new place. Bethany hadn’t visited Kirkland yet, and we really wanted some leisurely walking, eating and drinking in town.

Whenever Bethany and I travel together, we are constantly reminded of our first adventure in Sweden (can’t you tell?!). Seeing the Swedish flag always makes us happy 🙂

After our obligatory selfie, we decided that Thai food was a must. It was a windy, cooler day and yellow curry was at the top of our list. We enjoyed some warm, yummy food and some iced Thai tea (our favorite!) by the water. The best part? All the dogs and ducks we were able to befriend!

The two of us chatted and talked about life. The previous day with her dad was more casual and laid back, but the two of us had to share some personal things with each other. We laughed, cried and hugged as we confided in one another. Our lives have always been strikingly parallel and intertwined somehow, which is one of many reasons I believe we were meant to meet in 2016.

Once we finished our food, conversation and gazing at the animals around us, we had to grab some warm tea and window shop. Our ginger chai lattes were worth the wait and we were able to check out some funky shops before dinner.

We weren’t ready for dinner just yet; the waterfront was far too enjoyable to leave. Bethany and I walked the pier and reminisced about our time along the Kalmar castle five years ago. The sea air instantly brought us back to when we first met, and we cherished the moment as best we could.

The two of us allowed the day to take us along for the ride, without any game plan. Luckily we were craving the same kind of food, so we decided to drive toward home and stop for sushi on the way. Not pictured: the best vegetarian sushi and green tea I’ve ever had. Bethany and I were able to sit outside next to a heater and continue laughing and sharing past memories. I really don’t know what I would do without Bethany, and where I would be without her friendship ❤️

Photos taken Friday, March 26, 2021

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